Fresno Homecoming

A Fresno family got an early Christmas present they've waited since July to open.{} Six months of volunteer labor put the luster back in their home. There were thousands of reasons to applaud Saturday.{}

Consuelo arelleno is back in her home after a major makeover.{} Fresno Urban Neighborhood Development or{}FUND Inc. recruited hundreds of volunteers to make this project happen.

Bob Dittmar says "this particular project was very large scale but we do many projects smaller like backyard fences and paint a home.{} Consuelo's granddaughter Jasmine Casillas is responsible for getting the project rolling by inquiring about{}FUND Inc. and whether the group could help.

This sixty to seventy year old home needed a major makeover.{} So youth groups, civic groups and many of the people who live in the neighborhood volunteered their time. {} In all thousands of hours.

Ray Diaz specializes in electrical work.{} He says "all the electrical you see in this house is brand new." so when i came in it was just a shell.

Jasmine Casillas was wearing a huge smile today. {} She couldn't wait to get inside.{} Most of these faces in the crowd are the volunteers who made magic on the 100 block of North San Pablo.{} Mission accomplished six days before Christmas.{}

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