Fresno Family Gets a Home Makeover

Fresno - A Fresno family is now living in a dream come true. Their house, which was built in 1895 in the Lowell District in Southwest Fresno, got a much needed makeover, thanks to the help of volunteers.

The family has lived here for the past 40 years. It desperately needed repairs.

That's where the Fresno Urban Neighborhood Development Corporation comes in.

Dozens of volunteers, neighbors, and family members labored for months on the home.

They tore down the walls and floors, put in new wiring, plumbing, and a new roof.

"It's like practically a brand new house," said Lydia Medina, who lives in the home with her mother and children.

Over the weekend, the family saw their re-modeled home for the first time.

The kids were overwhelmed.

"It's a pleasure to be back in my own house. And I just love it," said Leslie Espinoza, who cried when she saw her bedroom.

"These little ones that live in the house, they've never had their own bedrooms or beds...we were able to get donations to furnish the whole house, so now they have their own beds covered in comforters and things they never had before," said Tonya Nichols, deputy director of FUND, Inc.

The kids used to sleep in one bed in the living room. The family used to use buckets to catch rain water seeping in through their leaky roof.

Now their home is up to date and they look forward to living here in the years to come.

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