Foothill Horse Rescue Ranch Needs Moola

A{}horse rescue ranch in Eastern Fresno County has seen its capacity double in recent months. Silverwings has given 28 horses a second chance at life but there are 12 more on its waiting list.

For many of the horses on the ranch, every meal in recent days seems memorable. The majority of the herd knows what it's like to go without food and water for days, maybe weeks.

"Mostly its malnourishment. We get 'em in they're 200 to 300 pounds underweight sometimes, said Gina Caglia, with Silverwings Horse Rescue.

Gina has been rescuing horses on her sprawling foothill ranch in Tivy Valley since 2008.

Half of the horses enjoying the green grass in the pasture come from SPCAs in Fresno, Madera and Merced counties. Caglia says they were either abandoned or their owners couldn't care for them any longer.{} "My phone is ringing. It used to be I'd get 1, 2, 3 calls a week now{}I get 1, 2, 3 calls a day. And it's just crazy," Caglia said.

Silverwings Horse Ranch is a non-profit organization that relies on donations to keep the horses fed. Dottie Mazurek is a volunteer and a contributor to Silverwings. "I've seen Gina take horses in that are just incredibly thin and malnourished. With love and care she turns them into horses that are adoptable."

Recently Veterinarian Dr. Lauren DeRock joined the Silverwings team. Her mission is to find what's ailing the horses and find ways to treat and rehabilitate them. "I love it. This is a wonderful place and good vibes. They're doing holy work here. It's just great," Dr. DeRock said.

Gina Caglia and her husband, Tony, have nursed many sick horses back to good health. "Hi honey. This is Reuger. He's been here about a month and a half. Two months and he's gonna be available for adoption soon."

Since 2008 Silverwings has adopted out 51 horses but the rescue ranch is at capacity and chances are the waiting list will only get longer. Gina Caglia says the price of hay has doubled in the past year.{}

If you would like to contribute to Silverwings here is the web address:{}

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