Deadly Police Shooting In East Central Fresno

The man shot and killed by Fresno police officers on Tuesday has been identified.

Officers say 30-year-old Alan Alvarez Jr. repeatedly ignored commands to give up, and then tried to pull out a gun and fire at them.

The shooting took place around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon, at Cedar Woods Apartments near the corner of Cedar and Dakota.

Police got a tip that Alvarez, wanted in connection with the shooting of Ysaac Barboza last month in Pinedale, would be there.

Residents say it sounded like a war broke out.

Tanya Harris says, "I heard about 10 shots, it was like boom, boom, boom."

Dustin Petersen says, "It sounded like a paintball gun going off, like 8 shots and I didn't think anything of it, and someone messaged me saying someone just got shot."

Police say they had been actively searching for the man for the past 3 or 4 weeks and had served several search warrants.

Cops say they even reached out to his family in an attempt to persuade the man to give himself up, but he never did.

Officers say they tried CPR on Alvarez, but he died at the scene.

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