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Cop Shoots & Kills 5 Caged Dogs At Animal Shelter

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Selma's top cop defends the action of one of his officers who shot and killed five caged dogs inside the city's animal shelter.

Last Friday, volunteers at the Selma Animal Shelter say they were horrified when they heard the news that a Selma police sergeant took out his department-issued gun and shot and killed five caged pit bulls.

Selma Police Chief Myron Dyck admits the shooting happened, but says that is not the whole story.

The officer called a local veterinarian to euthanize the dogs, Dyck said.

But says when the veterinarian couldn't come out to the shelter, his officer planned to take the dogs to vet's office.

However, Dyck says when they started to enter cage the dogs attacked.

"As soon as they went to open the gate the dogs rushed the gate," Dyck said "They felt if they opened it up they would be bitten at minimum and if opened all the way they would be knocked down and mauled."

On Monday night,{} volunteers at the shelter who were angry about the shooting had a meeting with Dyck.

Volunteers say the police department now plans to implement other options, like first using tranquilizers or even sedatives for aggressive dogs that need to be put down.

The officer feared for his life, Dyck said. He even mentioned the recent mauling of a Selma man, who was found dead last month.

Even so, Dyck says steps are being made to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

He added that the record of the Selma Animal Shelter speaks for itself.

In 2012, only six dogs out of more than 300 dogs taken into the shelter were euthanized.

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Shelter volunteers also say Dyck assured them that no dogs at the shelter would ever be shot by an officer again, unless it was a life or death situation.

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