Classical Guitarist Known Worldwide Uses Instrument Made In Fresno

    A guitar made in Fresno is the instrument a Greek classical guitarist relies on during his performances.{} Thursday the two reunited at Fresno City College.

    George Sakellariou has been making beautiful music on his guitar since he was five years old.{} 65 years later his fingers can still{}dance on the fret board.{} For an hour Sakallariou shared his wisdom with a beginning guitar class at Fresno City College.{}

    He's played renowned concert halls all over the world such as Washington D.C., Rio De Janiero, Singapore and Bogota to name a few.{} "Every performance is unique and special and I do my very best whether it's a big audience or a small audience."{}

    The guitar instructor at FCC is also Sakellarioiou's guitar maker.{} David Schramm has built several hundred guitars.{} "So by the time I built one for George I had a lot of experience and being a guitar player I knew how a good guitar should feel and play.

    His music makes you stop and listen.{} It's smooth and rich with rhythm.{} Sakellariou is performing Thursday evening at Fresno City College.{}

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