Chowchilla Train, Tractor Crash Causes Morning Road Closure

CaliforniaHighway Patrol officers say they don't know when to expect a stretch of aChowchilla road to re-open after a crash Thursday morning, between a train and abig rig.

The crashhappened minutes before 4:00 a.m. at Vista Avenue, just southwest of Highway 99.

The driverof the tractor-trailer told officers he was traveling over railroad tracks,when the landing gear on his trailer became stuck on the tracks.

He triedfreeing it, but could notand desperation grew as he saw a train approaching.

The trainconductor tried to stop the train, but could not stop it in time.

The impactcaused the tractor to disconnect from the two trailers.

One wasdragged for a half mile.

The trailerhad been carrying almonds, and these scattered.

Officersclosed the Highway 99 on-ramp at Vista Avenue.

Neither thedriver nor train conductor were hurt.

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