California Fighting a Drug War Without Drug Agents?

By Lemor Abrams

FRESNO, Calif. (KMPH) -- California's drug war is about to get harder to win. KMPH News has learned that the state sent out notices to 1,200 employees, dozens of them in the Central Valley: get ready to get out.

Senior Special Agent Ben Buford says the Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement is losing 20 out of 23 local drug agents. Statewide, 180 received warning notices. Their task forces are likely going with them. 55 narcotics teams throughout California. 9 fight the drug problem across the Valley.

"The worst case scenario is actually happening...I'm makes no was surgical in nature. Why? I can't answer that question," he said.

He just received the dreaded news from California's Attorney General Kamala Harris. Faced with a $71 million cut to the Department of Justice, Harris said she wasn't able to restore funding to drug and gang task forces.

Harris' Press Secretary Lynda Gledhill tells KMPH News that agents can expect to clear out by the end of the year. For now, they're preparing for the worst.

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