Fresno's Trashy Battle: Saying NO To The Mayor

While Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin was inside the studios of Valley Public Television in Fresno Thursday night holding a televised town hall meeting, protesters showed up outside.

With signs and slogans they showed up, they say, to let the public know exactly what they think of the recent privatization of city trash services to local businesses.

Critics say rates for commercial trash services have gone up by as much as 5% since a private company took over the city's commercial waste services last month.

What they don't want, says demonstrator Joe Garcia, is to see the same thing happen to homeowners.

"I'm a rate payer. I'm a homeowner. I don't want my rates going up, and I'm sure a lot of people in the city don't want the same so I think they just really need to pay attention to what's happening in the city," Garcia said.

Mayor Swearingen has commissioned a study to look into also privatizing residential waste services.

The move could potentially bring several million dollars in yearly franchise fees to the city.

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