Volunteers bag food for homeless animals during pandemic

Volunteers in the valley are now bagging up food to help homeless people, who have pets, during this pandemic.

Each bag has dog food, soap, and a list of “people food” people can safely feed their animals if they run out of dog food.

Ashley Hughes with Westside Rescue says the organization normally spays, neuters, and vaccinates pets before handing out food; now they won't be doing that at all.

"Our goal is to just get the take out kits to the staff (at local agencies) to help get the food out to folks that need it."

All the unknowns with coronavirus mean fewer resources for some who already have so little.

Westside Rescue is a 501(c)3 organization established to address the healthcare needs of the pets of homeless individuals and families in the community. 

People who work with the rescue also receive education in responsible pet care while helping fight pet overpopulation. 

"This is not going to meet the needs of some of those dogs, for their normal two week period but it's at least getting something to them right now."

From cat, dog, and puppy food, these bags will feed about 50 to 60 animals for the next two weeks.

Hughes says this is just something to get by until this is over.

"We're just trying to get enough out just so that everyone hopefully gets something, even if it's not the usual amount of food that we give them."

Volunteers say each person will get one bag per pet.

Those bags will be distributed around the downtown area, and for more information, you can call the Westside Rescue group at this: 559-647-4289

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