Weight Loss Motivation Earns Fresno Man The Star Treatment

Rio Vista Middle School Principal, Joe Bracamonte, found golf to be his motivation to lose weight and is now reaping more than just better health.

KMPH Fox 26 sports reporter, Nick King, explains why one local golfer with average talent is getting the star treatment.

From Average Joe to Pro is a phrase you've probably heard before. But for one local Joe, who describes himself as 'pretty average,' Joe Bracamonte, it's reality... after winning a contest put on by sportswear and sports equipment company Mizuno.

Joe Bracamonte is a Fresno middle school principal who overcame a 7-year stretch of medical issues related to his weight.

Joe showed us a picture of himself when he weighed 284 pounds. "I couldn't believe that was who I was. That picture I still have on my phone and still have around," said Bracamonte.

He thought about his four kids and his wife, who told the golf fanatic if he lost 15 pounds she'd buy him a new driver.

When that worked, he realized he'd found effective motivation. "You know, if I ran, and went and did what I was supposed to be doing, then I would go hit a bucket of balls. If I went a whole week or so, then I'd play a round of golf," said Bracamonte.

Ultimately, the now 41-year-old lost 66 pounds, and he's stayed at a consistent weight the last three years. "Finding something that motivates you, getting going, because any goal, you can be successful at if you develop a plan that is necessary to get there," said Bracamonte.

Joe and the 11 other contest winners will also be treated like pros when they play in a tournament in Atlanta in September.

But more importantly, the game's provided a lifestyle change that seems to be pretty permanent.