Tedford turns offensive duties over to his coordinator

Tedford turns offensive duties over to his coordinator

Jeff Tedford, made a name for himself as an offensive play-caller.

But the new head coach of the Bulldogs has turned that duty over to his offensive coordinator, Kalen DeBoer.

Tedford and others will have input in putting together the offensive plan and might have brief suggestions under certain circumstances during games, but Tedford has had that job and knows it is best performed when one guy is in control.

Coach Tedford said, "You don't want too many cooks in the kitchen because as a play-caller, if you're effective, you're setting things up two plays ahead of time, three plays ahead of time, where you are on the field, which hash you want to get on to set something up. I've found it's best to have one person that's actually responsible to get that done."

The first game for the Bulldogs is Saturday, September 2nd at 7:00 p.m.

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr will be at the home opener to have his jersey retired at halftime.

Tickets are still available for the game. Visit for tickets and information.

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