Sanger's Shidan retires after 27 years coaching Apaches

A Valley legend officially announced his retirement Wednesday. After 27 years as the head football coach at Sanger high school, Chuck Shidan is stepping down. Shidan won more than 200 games as Apaches coach, and four Valley Titles, including one in his final season.

A Sanger high grad himself, Shidan is adored for creating something very special in his community - a place where football is a way of life.

Former player Preston Montelongo says, "There was a mindset that coach put into this team, into the program, where it doesn't matter what kind of athletes we have, we're going to outwill you and we're going to outtough you." Montelongo went on to say, "I don't think there's one person that will tell you that they didn't just absolutely love playing for coach."

One of the owners of All Star Barbershop in Sanger, Nash Lucero, simply said, "Legend, man. Around here, legend. True legend."