Coalinga's unofficial official "Get Back Coach"

Jay Mahfood has been on the sidelines of Coalinga's high-school football games for the last 25 years. 

Jay Mahfood is the guy every head coach wants on his team.

He moved to Coalinga more than 20 years ago, and immediately wanted to get involved in the community, namely athletics. So he did, in a big way.

Since he moved to Central Valley, Jay has been involved in everything from Little League, to softball, volleyball, golf, and football.

"Fridays are special for everyone, believe it or not. Fridays are football," says Mahfood.

Mahfood says he starts his days extra early on football Friday so that he can be there if the coaches, or players need anything.

In the past, and still to this day he cooks meals for the team, buys uniforms, drives buses, you name it.

Jay says he has even been named the unofficial "Get Back Coach."

Before now head coach Ron Redding got to work side by side with Jay, he was on that field, playing, while Jay was on the sidelines.

"As a student athlete you look back and think about all those people that have helped you in times of need, and Jay was always there. There were others that were there too, but Jay has been there since day one, and hes still here now," says Redding.

Redding says having him around is reassuring for him, and the players.

"He's more of a father figure to these athletes," says longtime friend, and Coalinga P.E teacher, Greg Ream.

Ream says through his friendship with Jay, he's been able to see first hand the positive impact Jay has on these players and community.

Jay moved to California from Syria, and he still has family in Syria. He says there they didn't have athletics like they do here.

"We never got the chance to do what the kids do here. So when I see this going on, the school support,the events, and everything, I can't help but go the extra step, and help them out and do it. I just love doing it," says Mahfood.

Its obvious the kids love it too. Jay says at the end of every season they make sure they have an extra jersey, just for him.

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