Bulldogs' big man is a big kid

When it comes to his actions off the court, Terrell Carter is a superstar

Terrell carter is not Fresno State's best player when he is out there on the basketball court; he averages about six points and three rebounds a game.

But FOX26 Sports reporter Nick King discovered, when it comes to his actions off the court, Carter is a superstar.

The Dogs' junior center is very big, 6’ 10” and 300 pounds, but still very lovable. "I get called a teddy bear sometimes, from you know, from the ladies, you know how that goes,” said Carter.

It’s the dancing... "I might go old school with the cabbage patch, I might hit a dab every once in a while. I think I'm the best singer in the conference, to be honest with you," said Carter.

And the singing… “Great. The best that I've heard in a long time, honestly," said Carter.

But even more, it’s the way he treats Fresno State fans. "I know how much it matters, honestly. I know how much a fan base matters," said Carter.

Carter can be seen shaking people's hands seconds before the opening tip... which is unheard of.

After games, no Bulldog spends as much time with the people as number 34.

Hugs, laughs, pictures, and smiles for everyone, and he saves the biggest for the littlest kids. "I'm a big kid myself, at heart. So, just being with the kids, it makes me happy, because I know what that was when I was younger. You never know, that can change a kid's' life, just that interaction," said Carter.