In Your Backyard: Bearpaw High Sierra Camp

Bearpaw High Sierra Camp offers a very unique form of glamping, 11.3 miles from the nearest parking lot in Sequoia National Park.

In this week's edition of "In Your Backyard," FOX26 Sports Anchor Nick King is glamping at Bearpaw High Sierra Camp in Sequoia National Park. The term glamping is short for glamorous camping, and while Bearpaw fits that description, it also has a twist on typical glamping that will suit an outdoor adventure.

You see, Bearpaw is in the wilderness, 11.3 miles away from the nearest parking lot and reliable cell reception, meaning it requires a solid 5-9 hours of hiking to reach. But, under normal circumstances, spending a night in the High Sierra would require carrying your own tent, sleeping bag and food. Not at Bearpaw. Camp cooks make dinner and breakfast from scratch every day and every night. Visitors sleep in a tent cabin that comes equipped with two twin beds, sheets, a down comforter, blanket and pillow. There are also towels provided, because you can take a hot shower upon arrival. Heck, there's even a flush toilet.

Bearpaw Camp was established in 1934, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2016. It's hard to find anything quite like it anywhere else in the United States.

So what's the catch? Well, two things - availability and price. Bearpaw Camp is only open from mid June to mid September (weather permitting), and there are only six tent cabins. That means only 12 people in a bed each night, and most visitors stay for multiple nights (more on that below). If you do snag a reservation, it's $385 a night per tent. Sandwiches, snacks, wine and beer are all available for additional purchase.

Reservations can be made starting January 2nd each year (they typically sell out that day), but cancellations in-season are routine. To make a reservation, or check the calendar to see if there is an opening, click here.

The park also suggests staying at Wuksachi Lodge (only about a 20 minute drive from the trailhead) the night before and the night after your stay at Bearpaw Camp, to avoid making a long drive the same day as a long hike. For Wuksachi reservations, click here.

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