FNR campus visit: Bullard vs. Edison

Edison High School Tigers marching band trophy case

Valley high school football is back on the air Friday night on our sister station, The CW59!

It's all part of the Les Schwab Tires Friday Night Rivals presented by Lithia Subaru.

This week's matchup between the Bullard Knights and the Edison Tigers takes place at 7:30 p.m. at Sunnyside High School in Fresno.

FOX26 Sports Reporter Nick King visited both schools before the big game on Friday.

First stop is at Edison High School to check out their award-winning marching band.

Senior Adam Dueck said, "I remember my first year here, we got dead last in our very first parade. And then Mr. Madrid came and suddenly we were first place. And now we're doing sweepstakes. We are refusing to give up now. We keep going, we're striving... if we get it near perfect, that's not good enough, and we're going to do it again until we get it perfect."

Senior James Leong said, "We've come from a rough past which has made us humble. We're moving toward something that's bigger than just band competitions. We're becoming great musicians."

Next, it's on to Bullard, where construction is the norm.

A complete campus makeover is several years in the making now.

There's plenty of progres: the pool and tennis facilities are sparkling and the classrooms certainly look different from one year ago.

Bullard Principal Carlos Castillo said, "The landscape of Bullard is changing every day, every week, we have something new. It's exciting for our kids, it's exciting for the adults on campus who work with our kids every day. So you see, we have a new quad out here, fresh grass..."

The timeline for every building to be complete is June 28, 2017, hoping to be ready for the next school year.

If you can't make it to the game, make sure you watch it at 7:30 p.m. Friday, November 4th on The CW59.

If you do make it to the game, upload your photos and videos and we might use them on the FOX26 10 o'clock News!

Upload them from your smartphone to

You can also post to your own social media with the hashtag #FNRFresno.

Click here to see the full Friday Night Rivals schedule.

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