Famous Downing Street cat in Britain to stay after PM David Cameron leaves

Chief Mouser to 10 Downing Street, Larry, will keep his job and residence when incoming British Prime Minister Theresa May takes over Wednesday. Image: U.K. Government website photo

Larry the cat was hired in 2011 to do one job at the official residence of the British Prime Minister: catch mice.

Chief Mouser Larry was adopted from a shelter because of his ability to catch rodents. Apparently, the government building at 10 Downing Street in Westminster has a mouse problem. The residence is over 300 years old, and has about 100 rooms.

Larry is the first cat to hold the official title of Chief Mouser for the British government. He even has his own page on the United Kingdom government's website, which reads, in part: "He has captured the hearts of the Great British public and the press teams often camped outside the front door. In turn the nation sends him gifts and treats daily."

As Prime Minister David Cameron departs from 10 Downing upon his resignation Wednesday, Larry will remain on duty at the building. He was never technically Cameron's cat: he actually answers to the Cabinet Office.

In April, the Foreign Office officially adopted a cat for the building. Palmerston, another Chief Mouser and media-proclaimed 'Diplocat,' is friends with Larry, but just like in government, sometimes, tensions can run a little high:

Theresa May is the new, incoming Prime Minister of Britain. She has confirmed she will inherit Larry Wednesday when she moves in at 10 Downing Street, and he will keep his job and title.