Big Screen on a Budget - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

In a summer of huge, tentpole comic book movie releases, arguably the most anticipated of them all is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. For some, this film is a lifetime in the making, and now you can buy a ticket to see it. But after that wait, is it worth the hit to your wallet? That answer ... like the plot of Batman v Superman ... is complicated. The movie is exactly what is sounds like. Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) are the most iconic superheroes to ever grace the page or the screen and now they are pitted against each other in the ideological battle of the century.

The problem, and there are many of them, is not Ben Affleck as Batman. He does a great job, and is maybe the best part of the movie. The rest of the cast is strong as well, with the exception being Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor, but even that is controversial. The problem is not the cinematography. This film is beautiful, visceral, and a feast for the eyes.

The problem is the scattershot storyline. The plot is a mess. The movie is edited poorly, and pointless subplots take up massive chunks of screen time, while never paying off whatsoever. The tone is at fault as well.This is a dark, dreary, violent film. Batman v Superman is not for children, despite the presence of kid-favorites Batman and Superman.

The truth of it is, if you're all in for seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you should see it on the biggest screen you can find. It's worth a visit to the cinema if you can ignore the flaws and just enjoy the visuals, the action, and the mindless fun.

TL;DR: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a beautiful disaster, but not an unenjoyable time at the theater. If you're planning on watching it, it might as well be on the big screen where the strongest aspect of the film is able to shine.