Waiter fired for asking diner about immigration status

Source: MGN Online

Forget asking if she wanted to hear the specials—or if she was ready to order.

Diana Carrillo says a waiter at a Southern California restaurant asked about her immigration status.

“My sister and my friend were seated first and the waiter asked them for their ‘proof of residency,’” Carrillo posted on Facebook. “Not knowing that this happened to them, my friend and I were then seated and he returned to the table and asked us for our "proof of residency."

The incident happened Saturday, March 11th, at Saint Marc Pub-Café in Huntington Beach.

Carrillo is the daughter of immigrants.

She shared her story in Facebook, where it has been shared more than 1,300 times.

The restaurant reached out to her, apologized, and has since fired the waiter.

It promised to donate a portion of this weekend’s profits to any non-profit of Carrillo’s choice.