Ballot measure to divide California led by British duo

There's now another attempt to divide California into two states but the author of a similar proposal says it will never work. The proposed ballot measure is gaining steam in Southern California according to the Daily The men who led the campaign to break Britain from the European Union now have their eyes on dividing California.

The divide would stretch from San Francisco to Los Angeles creating Coastal California. The remaining territory would become Eastern California. Former California Assemblyman Bill Maze tried to split the state in two in 2009. "I had a lot of Democrats who said this is a pretty good idea. You know you guys should go and do your thing and you'd be out of our hair. We would do whatever we want."

Creating two states would give Coastal California the most population and Eastern California hundreds of miles of rural living. Two-thirds of California water is stored up north while two-thirds of the state's water demand is in the south. Mark Borba farms more than 10-thousand acres in central California. He says water makes the split even tougher. "California has both state and federal water projects and federal water projects aren't going to be bifurcated by some action that we take here in the state. So it's a lot more complicated than just drawing a line on the map.

The first major hurdle is getting nearly 366-thousand valid signatures to qualify the measure on the ballot. A political expert in Sacramento familiar with qualifying ballot measures says it takes a lot of money to pay people to collect signatures.

Former state lawmaker Bill Maze seconds the motion. "We could get 30 to 40-thousand signatures and whatever else but nothing more than that. Daily Mail. com says the ballot proposal movement in Southern California has raised nearly a million dollars.

But a farmer and a former lawmaker aren't optimistic. "It's not gonna get done. We're all gonna have to live to get along and how we get there is anybody's guess," Borba said. The likelihood of that happening is slim to none. Because's there's not the will to do it, " Maze said.

The goal is to qualify the measure to split California on the 2018 state ballot. There's another proposed ballot measure to decide if California should exit the union. The Yes California Independence Campaign is behind the Calexit movement.