"Police cruiser of the future" boasts 38 miles per gallon fuel economy

Ford's new police cruiser is designed for high speed chases | VIDEO: CNN Newsource

Hybrid car technology could be coming to a police department near you.

Ford is launching its police responder hybrid sedan this spring.

Police have been driving hybrids for some time, but Ford's entry is the first designed to be pursuit-rated.

That means it is tough enough to handle serious police work like driving over curbs and stopping on a dime.

The car's fuel economy is rated at 38 miles per gallon.

Ford says that equates to almost four-thousand dollars in savings per car for typical police work.

But it's not a total replacement for conventional vehicles.

The automaker still recommends gas cars for highway work and says the hybrid is best suited to urban use.

Ford's hybrid police responder is expected to receive its official pursuit rating after police agencies test it in the field.