Woman attacked by pitbull upset with SPCA's decision to release dog

Cara Eames says she's healing physically and emotionally

A Fresno woman attacked by a pitbull last week can't believe that the dog is returning to the southeast Fresno neighborhood. Cara Eames thought pictures of her wounds and her dog's would weigh heavily with the Central California SPCA. But Wednesday she discovered that it's not enough to keep the pitbull from returning home to its' owner.

Eames says she and her dog are healing physically and emotionally from last week's pitbull attack. Seven days later she was shocked to learn the SPCA believes the dog is returning to the neighborhood. "What were asking for is the sense of safety in the neighborhood that the dog not be released back. Their minds seemed pretty much made up."

The SPCA says it based its decision on three things. The severity of the injuries to Eames and her dog, the pitbull's owner agreeing to modify the fence so the dog can't get out and the last step is an inspection of the property. Last week Fox26 News reported that Eames and her dog were attacked while on an early morning stroll in the neighborhood. Fresno County Sheriff's detective Jeff Stricker came to their aid and restrained the dog.

Eames says detective Stricker also pleaded with the SPCA not to release the dog but it didn't help. "The dog needs to be home somewhere else not in a residential community where there's children walking everyday cause this was my dog and somehow miraculously he lived. It could have been somebody's child.

Eames says since the attack she's experiencing anxiety and fear. When she does walk in the neighborhood she thinks she looks like a swat team member. I wasn't previously carrying pepper spray or bear maze or like a tazer. I carry a phone with me. Since it's my neighborhood I had previously not done that.

Eames has no intention of filing a civil suit against the owner of the pitbull. She has been in contact with him and says he agreed to cover the expenses for her medical bills and her dog's vet bill.