Why Kingsburg needs your vote now!

It's down to the wire for Kingsburg. The Fresno county city of more than 11-thousand is one of five cities vying for half a million dollars to improve their downtown. The Small Business Revolution-Main Street project is sponsoring the contest.

City manager Alexander Henderson says winning the competition would be an economic shot in the arm. "I certainly think that that would help go to help some of our small businesses certainly depending on what they need whether that's marketing or improvements to their actual building."

Main Street does more than hand out money. Last year it featured an eight part online series on the 2015 winner Wabash, Indiana. You don't have to be from Kingsburg to vote in the contest. City manager Alexander Henderson says every vote counts. "Certainly a lot of community push. "You see that on social media and we've really tried to make it more than just Kingsburg. It's great for the Valley, it's great for California and we're the only ones on the West Coast."

The competition started with 14,000 nominations and now it is down to five. Kingsburg is hoping valley neighbors will take a minute and make the city a winner. Voting ends Thursday at 8:00 p.m. The winner will be announced next Wednesday. Here's the link to get you to the website to vote.