UPDATE: Officer shot at Fresno County Jail 'doing amazingly well'

Officer Toamalama Scanlan is 'doing amazingly well' according to family | VIDEO: Jazmine Scanlan

The family of Toamalama Scanlan, one of the officers shot at the Fresno County Jail on September 3rd, 2016, has posted an update to Facebook on the officer's condition.

Scanlan is said to be participating in back to back therapy sessions including the 'musical therapy session' shown in the video taken by his daughter. The session is supposed to 'fine-tune his hearing and sight as he follows the sound of the therapist's voice.'

He also was able to go outside for the first time last week so he could interact with a couple dogs during an animal therapy session. This exercise helps patients with their sense of touch and range of motion. Malama was actually able to extend his right arm to pet one of the dogs!!! ?
Another type of therapy that supports his cognitive goals uses two cards, one blank white card the other a picture of his daughters. They raise both of the cards up and watch where he begins to look and focus. Two of the times he looked right at his daughters!!! ?

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office shared the update with a message to Scanlan and his family.

It warms our hearts at the Fresno County Sheriff's Office to see our brother, Malama Scanlan, on the road to recovery. Heal up and come home soon! We love you and are praying for you.