Trump adviser: Immigration reform has a chance in 2017

Spirited discussion on immigration reform

It appears immigration reform has a chance this year. That's the prevailing attitude from Thursday night's Fox 26 agriculture and labor town hall meeting.

Mario Rodriguez, chairman of the Hispanic 100 believes this is the year. "We're gonna see this President come up with a plan that I personally think that we can live with. Not everybody is gonna get everything that they want."

Valley Congressman David Valadao calls immigration reform a political football with spin from both sides. "It's one very complicated topic but two I think that at least extremes on both sides of the aisle use this as something to beat over on the other side and they use scare tactics on both sides to make it difficult.

The leader of the Nisei Farmers League believes a guest worker program should take a back seat to undocumented laborers who've been here for years. "Before we bring any H2A guest workers in this Valley or into this state we've got to take care of the people that have worked for years and have given their lives and their families in all areas."

One audience member Josefina Perez of Farmersville says many of her co-workers live in fear due to stepped up efforts by ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. "We really need this green card for all the people out there. They're so scared to go to work everyday and not knowing if they're gonna come back to their children."

Another audience member pointedly asked Congressmen Costa and Valadao why lawmakers don't try harder to work together. Congressman Costa had this response. "When we can begin to set aside the partisan nature that we deal with and the fundraising capability, I think we'll get to more of the bi-partisan compromises that the majority of Americans expect us to do."

The Fox 26 News town hall was sponsered by The Insure America Project, an initiative of the Nisei Farmer's League, The California Latino Water Coalition and Wendy's.