Toddler found wandering streets in Fresno

UPDATE 2/16/2017, 7:15 P.M: Police have a lot of questions right now for the family of a two-year-old girl.

The todler was found wandering the streets of Fresno near Abby and McKenzie alone for hours Thursday afternoon.

Police say she was found by a Good Samaritan who called police.

Officers say she was soaking wet and hungry.

Detectives say the woman immediately took the child to a nearby business, a pediatric medical center, where workers and the Good Samaritan cared for the child.

Workers at the center say, "The baby was hungry so we gave her some McDonald's. They just waited here for a long time."

Fox 26 News Reporter Erik Rosales asks, "Talk to me about your thoughts of this little baby found by herself?"

The worker says, "It's sad. It's not something I would do or think anyone would do. It's your baby, how do you not notice your baby is missing."

Detectives say the 2-year-old couldn't tell them where she lived, so they knocked on doors.

But after nearly 8 hours of searching, no relatives were found.

Then a tip led them to a house, not far from where the child was wandering.

Officers say the child's mother told them her father was caring for the little girl.

Right now detectives say they are still investigating.

In a statement sent to the media, it says they're still trying to figure out why the child was unsupervised and roaming the streets by herself.

The little girl is still with child protective services and will remain with the organization until the investigation is complete.

UPDATE 2/16/2017, 4:15 P.M.: Fresno police tell us that they have located the mother of the wandering child. They have been gathering information from her. She has told investigators that the child was supposed to be with her grandfather, whom police have not found yet. Police say the child was found wet, cold, and hungry.

The child is still with Child Protective Services and will remain with it until the investigation is complete.

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ORIGINAL POST: A little girl was found walking on the streets near North Abby and East McKenzie in Fresno Thursday morning.

Fresno officers tried to locate the child's parents but were unable to find them in the neighborhood where she was walking.

Police say "Baby Jane" is about 2-years-old, 2' 6" tall, 30 pounds, with brown eyes and hair and appears to be a Black/Caucasian mix.

Because of her age, the little girl has not been able to assist officers.

If you recognize this child or have any information, you're asked to call the Fresno Police Department's Missing Persons Unit at 559-621-7000 or call detective Leo Arsitio at 559-621-2111.