Thief targets yard sale, caught on camera

A camera caught this woman stealing a wallet from a yard sale Saturday morning in Northwest Fresno. She used the sign in her hand to conceal it, as she stuffed it into her bag.

A Northwest Fresno family is now telling others to be on the lookout after a crook was caught on camera, stealing from the family's yard sale.

Surveillance video shows a woman haggling over a Kate Spade wallet.

The owner, Gina Tikijian, was asking $10 for the wallet.

It would be valued at more than $75 brand new.

"It was an item that she said, 'I'm not going down on price on it. If it doesn't sell, I want to keep it,'" said Tikijian's husband, Jason.

Minutes later, the woman picks up a sign, grabs the wallet, hides it underneath, and then stuffs the items into the bag she's holding.

She walks away, into a waiting SUV.

Tikijian says she didn't realize the wallet was gone for another 30 minutes.

"Would you walk into a store and steal? Why? Because you're scared," Gina Tikijian said. "So it's okay to steal at someone's house. You're stealing at a house. Just because it's on our front yard, you're stealing at our house."

"It betrays our trust. We're having a yard sale. And then it ends up getting stolen. You get nothing for it. Makes us feel mad," said Jason Tikijian.

The family is sharing the video to encourage others to keep close eye on their things.

She hopes the woman feels shame and remorse.