Strong winds topple trees at San Joaquin apartment complex

Strong winds topple trees at San Joaquin apartment complex

Seventy mile an hour winds toppled trees at an apartment complex Monday in the westside community of San Joaquin.

It was a scary moment for Francisca Mejia. "My car was backed up right when all of a sudden a gust of wind and rain and I don't know what else came and this tree right here started whirling like it was in a vacuum."

Mejia had just pulled her car into the parking lot of the complex. "Trees were falling all over the place. Limbs were on top of the houses. The electricity and the power was out."

The manager's swamp cooler and the roof below were no match for this tall timber. Pieces of the ceiling inside came crashing down on the manager and her one year old child. "She was scared. She didn't know what to do. The roof had caved in on her baby and there was debris all over the place."

Mejia says the two escaped with just minor injuries but the unit will need major repairs. Wildlife never saw it coming. There were two long beaked birds who were injured hanging out near downed tree limbs. Not far away a baby bird seemed lost as it wandered the grounds.

More than a day after the wind blew and knocked out power PG&E crews were trying to fix the problem about a half a mile away. Everyone is worried about food spoiling in the fridge and the freezer. Most are thankful they survived a frightening weather phenomenon called a microburst. "We got a little taste of mother nature and it was hard. It was very, very, very hard."

PG&E says 18 poles were broken during the storm. Power is not expected to be restored until three o'clock Wednesday morning.

According to weather experts, a microburst is typically less than three miles long and could last anywhere from a couple of seconds to several minutes.

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