Springville salutes firefighters battling the Pier Fire

Students made signs and lined Highway 190 to salute first responders on this 9/11. 

Students at Springville School weren’t born when the 9-11 attacks happened.

They know it is a day to honor heroes.

Including those who have helped save their homes—and their town.

“You can smell a lot of smoke and it looks like a volcano erupted,” says Natalie Rankin, a fifth grader at the school.

Firefighters are now in their 14th day battling the so-called “Pier Fire”.

Vice-Principal Lisa Snyder has worked at the campus for 20 years.

She says this fire has impacted her campus like few others.

"I don't remember it every being this close to where students and families were evacuated without a home,” she says.

Smoke is visible over a hillside just east of the campus.

Sue DeRose, who works at the campus, was among the handful of evacuees.

"This is the edge of my house,” she says, showing a picture on her cell phone.

“This tree caught on fire here. All the pine cones in it, everything was black. It’s just amazing these men and women were able to defend the house."

Saying thank you wasn’t enough for the campus community.

So, they made a very public display, just before sunrise.

They painted signs and lined Highway 190 Monday morning, so crews would see them as they changed shifts.

"Most had cameras videotaping, and they waved, honked horns, put on sirens," said Zachary Hartsell, a fifth grader.

It was a big morale boost in a summer where flames have been fierce.

"Keep going. We thank you a lot. You're doing great. We really want you to keep going," said Natalie.

“It’s been so hard for them. We just gotta be thankful for what we have,” said Chloe Hyder, a fifth grader at Springville School.

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