Shaver Lake fire and evacuation; Dead trees a major hazard

Shaver Lake fire. Cal Fire quickly stopped the fire from spreading. Fire fighters say a lot of dead tree are in the area, nine acres burned. 

SHAVER LAKE, Calif.-- It could've been worse. That's what Cal Fire is saying about a wildfire that sparked near Shaver Lake forcing people to evacuate.

Fire fighters had to move quickly as people living in Shaver Lake could do nothing but watch. Courtney Carroll has lived in the area majority of her life. She says she could see a lot of activity from her front yard.

“We watched it progress. It started to get darker smoke and bigger. It was getting scarier”

The fire started Monday morning near Musick Creek Road. An area already fighting dead trees because of the Bark Beetle and the drought. Cal Fire used helicopters to drop retardant to help control it.

“It could’ve traveled through the community of shaver but quick action and resources getting in they were able to get a good handle on it," said Fire Captain, Jeremiah Whittwerd.

Cal Fire said they were able to keep it to nine acres and it's now 15 percent contained. The Fresno County Sheriff's Office posted voluntary evacuation signs in neighborhoods.

“The smell got really strong. You could tell it was getting closer. We do know the back roads very well. If we aren't about to get to the main road. We will make our way to the lake," said Carroll.

While fire crews have stopped the fire from spreading it's still too close for comfort for Carroll, she says she'll remain watchful.

"A burning amber can travel a mile by itself. It can reach anyone of these tree surrounding my house in a second. I've got two kids, three dogs and a cat to evacuate as well as me, myself and my boyfriend. It's never wrecking," said Carroll.

Cal Fire says the fire hasn't threatened any structures. So far, there are no reports of any one hurt.

Investigators say they're still investigating the cause.

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