Get ready for wildfire season

Get ready for wildfire season

With hot summer weather is on its way it's time for all of us to start thinking about wildfire season and to start getting ready for it, fire officials say.

Cal-Fire and U.S. Forest Service crews were out doing exactly that Thursday clearing brush near homes up near Shaver Lake to kick off "Wildfire Awareness Week".

Along with the demonstration, state, federal, and local public-safety officials reminded homeowners about what they need to do to help protect their own homes and families.

"We absolutely need homeowners to have their clearance, clearly ensure that they've modified the vegetation around their homes it reduces the intensity of the fire.” said Cal Fire Director Ken Pimlott.

“Be sure that your addressing is clearly marked so firefighters can get to you and know where your at,” Pimlott added.

“Water supply, road widths all those things that help that ingress and egress. but most importantly have your evacuation plan ready.”

Pimlott also says Cal-Fire has more information for you on a "Ready For Wildfire" app that you can download for free.

To download the Cal Fire Ready-for-Wildfire app and to learn how to create defensible space around a home, visit