Need a job? Fresno County is hiring 40 Correctional Officers

Fresno County is hiring 40 Correctional Officers

Fresno County Sheriff's Office is in a hiring frenzy.

The office has more than 40 full-time, Correctional Officer positions currently open at the Fresno County Jail-- with an additional 50 positions that will be added later this year.

Add retirements -- and you're looking at even more openings.

"We're gonna be hiring 100 people," says Captain John Zanoni.

Zanoni says the courts have mandated Fresno County to create these positions.

Right now, it's been filling the void by having officers work overtime.

"We're looking for someone who wants a challenge," Zanoni says. "It's a chance to work with the inmates... and hopefully work with some who are in custody and maybe they won't go back in jail and re-offend and go out and be a positive member of the community."

The county is currently accepting applications.

This application window will close at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, May 19.

The county will pay the new correctional officers between $37,050.00 and $47,398.00 annually.

Zanoni says another 40 positions will be funded over the summer.

Another recruitment period will be sometime in September or October.

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