Man running from CHP jumps in canal, rescued by officers

CHP officers pulling Vincent Guy Ramirez from a canal after he jumped in to get away (Photo courtesy of CHP Sergeant Ed Jacobs)

Fresno area CHP officers rescued a man from a fast moving canal after they say he jumped in to get away from them.

A CHP black and white patrol vehicle was driving on Highway 99 just before 11:00 Friday night.

That's when officers reported a black BMW sedan passed at a high rate of speed in the area of 99 and Manning Ave.

The officers turned on lights and siren but the BMW sped up, reaching speeds up to 110 mph.

Officers say the BMW turned onto a dead-end street but turned around and drove right at the patrol car.

The officer was able to swerve out of the way of the oncoming car.

Another CHP unit used a spike strip to blow out the tires of the BMW at Jensen and Clovis Avenues.

The BMW continued driving on the flat tires, eventually stopping at Peach and Church Avenues.

The 3 men inside jumped out and ran away on foot.

One man, later identified as Vincent Guy Ramirez jumped into a nearby canal in an attempt to escape.

CHP officers were able to pull Ramirez out of the very full, fast moving canal several minutes later.

Ramirez was medically cleared at the scene and taken into custody.

He was booked into the Fresno County Jail on multiple felony charges.

Officers say Ramirez thanked them for saving his life.

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