Mail thief on the loose in Atwater

Man caught on camera stealing mail

There is a mail thief on the loose in Atwater, police say, and they would like to find him before he gets yours.

Police say surveillance photos captured the guy in action Wednesday, April 12th as he drove up to a mailbox at the Peace Court community, pried it open then stole the mail inside.

He then ran back to a dark colored sedan and drove away.

Police say surveillance video shows what looks like someone else in the front passenger seat of the car as well.

Unfortunately, the camera did not catch the license plate but police say the man in the video has a baseball cap and a beard, an Adidas t-shirt, dark pants and shoes.

If you think you know who did this, Atwater police ask that you please call Detective Cardoza at 209-357-6293.

Callers can remain anonymous.