Learning more about Kori Muhammad

Alleged killer, Kori Muhammad, on community access show "JoJo's Corner."

More information is now coming out about the man police say killed three people in Tuesday's hate crime.

Kori Muhammad was a rapper, and was very active in the Nation of Islam religious movement. Muhammad also worked on community access projects at CMAC in Downtown Fresno.

That is where he met producer/director JoJo Romelo, of "JoJo's Corner."

Romelo's show focused on musicians in the Fresno area, which is why Muhammad was featured on one of the episodes.

Romelo says Muhammad was outspoken when it came to his beliefs, especially when it came to race.

"I understood where he was coming from, because I get that a lot. I talk to a lot of people who feel they are being oppressed. His focus was more on color," says Romelo.

In this interview Muhammad preaches peace and love, but Romelo says it seems like Muhammad snapped overnight.

"You couldn't see it gradually happen. Just one day he was different than the person than the person I knew. Like he was getting more frustrated," says Romelo.

That interview was not the only time Muhammad was in front of the camera. Muhammad was featured in an interview on his own community access show.

In that interview Muhammad discussed his beliefs, and his idols within the Nation of Islam movement.

"[Wallace Fard Muhammad] is the person that keeps me influenced because of the truth he brought. He came and taught Elijah Muhammad, who had a fourth grade education. He was one of the most powerful black man in America. He came out telling that the white man was the devil, and the black man was god. They couldn't kill him. But anybody else. Martin Luther King. He wanted to hold their fan, and licked their feat.. and they still killed him," says Muhammad.

In this interview Muhammad also discussed how he began "gang-banging" when he was 9-years-old.