Involuntary manslaughter charge filed for deputy who shot Fresno sergeant

Sgt. Rod Lucas photo provided by Fresno County Sheriff's Department

UPDATE: In response to the charges filed against Detective Mullis, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office have released this statement:

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office is aware that the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office has chosen to file an involuntary manslaughter charge against Deputy Sheriff Jared Mullis in relation to the death of Sergeant Rod Lucas.
The untimely death of Sgt. Lucas has taken an emotional toll on the entire staff at the Sheriff’s Office, the Lucas family, Deputy Mullis and his family.
Deputy Mullis is still an employee of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office and is currently on paid leave.

ORIGINAL STORY: In a news release from the Fresno County District Attorney's office on Friday, it was announced that charges were filed against Fresno County Sheriff's Office Detective Jared Mullis for the shooting of Sergeant Rod Lucas.

Detective Mullis has been on paid administrative leave since the shooting and is still employed by the county 'pending the result of this complaint.'

According to the news release:

This complaint was filed after a thorough investigation of the shooting.

Back in late October of 2016, Rod Lucas was shot in what Sheriff Margaret Mims called a 'tragic accident.'

The news release is available in full below:

2017.7.14_Mullis News Release by Anonymous CcHZCDD6 on Scribd

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