Fresno police officers run marathon in full gear

Courtesy: Nora Cuevas

Some Fresno Police officers are now resting up after completing a marathon Sunday morning -- in full gear!

The three officers, Lindsey Dozier, Rudy Montoya and Josh Pantages, ran alongside other police officers and service members at the Los Angeles Marathon.

Fresno Police Chaplain Nora Cuevas rode along the officers on her bicycle.

The 26.2-mile course started near Dodger stadium and in Santa Monica.

The experience was nothing new for Montoya.

He has completed more than 200 marathons and ultra-marathons.

He says running with the gear adds a challenging dimension.

“The weight wasn’t an issue the majority of the race,” Montoya said. “But the gun belt starts grinding on your hip when it comes to the latter part, around mile 18 or 19. You kind of put it out of sight out of mind and keep on going.”

Detective Montoya said the officers ran at the invitation of Los Angeles Police, whose officers ran through the Central Valley last year on their way to Sacramento.

“They invited us as a way of giving thanks,” he said.

Detective Montoya says the highlight was having people stopping them along the course, to take pictures and say thanks.

“The community support we received today in Southern California was overwhelming. It was amazing,” he said. “This also lets the community know we’re human, too. We do these types of events and we’re not always in uniform when we do them.”