Former boss talks about PG&E worker killed in Tuesday's shooting rampage

Zack Randalls was shot and killed in downtown Fresno

One day after the deadly shooting rampage in downtown Fresno we are learning more about 34 year old PG&E worker Zack Randalls, one of three men killed.

Longtime friend and former boss Steve Spurrier described Randalls as a family man who couldn't take a picture without making a goofy face. The two were friends for fifteen years. Randalls worked for Spurrier at SS Motorsports in Fresno before recently going to work at PG&E.

He says Randalls was originally looking at a job in corrections. "This opportunity with PG&E came up and he actually chose PG&E because it was safer. Spurrier says he was in denial Tuesday after learning Randalls had been shot and killed. "It can't be. Just the odds to happen to a person like him, it couldn't be. It was just disbelief for hours."

Spurrier described Randalls as a family man who loved and adored his wife and two children. "If he had to drive a car that barely ran so his wife could have a nice car to drive everyday, that was him." Spurrier said when it came to taking pictures Randalls could get pretty silly. "It was rare to get a picture with him where he wouldn't be goofy, making a funny face, posing funny. Spurrier says Randalls had been working for PG&E for a few weeks. He says Tuesday was his first ride along.

There are two gofundme accounts set up to help the Randalls family. The first was set up by a friend locally; A second account was started by a friend in Lemoore;