Flooding along the Kings River

Several backyards along the Kings River are now underwater.

People living and working along the Kings River in Kingsburg are fighting flooding right now, as the river has crest its bank.

The water level has been steadily rising since November, but just in the last few weeks it has been overflowing into yards, and parking lots, as more water is being released from the Pine Flat Dam.

"Well its not good, cause its going to destroy the landscaping, so its not fun. And the water is really cold having to deal with it," says Chris Vanbeurden. He has lived along the river for roughly 20 years.

This isn't the first time water from the river has flooded into his yard. Chris says nearly a decade ago his backyard was under four feet of water.

As of Friday, the water was more than a foot deep.

Chris is not alone. At the Kings River Golf and Country Club its tough to tell where the river ends, and the parking lot begins.

"It keeps inching toward our cart barn where we store our carts. That is an issue that we will have to deal with at some point," says John Creaney, a pro at the course.

More than 50 parking spots are under water right now.

Both John and Chris say for now they are just hoping the water level stays where it is, but if not, they are prepared to start sandbagging.