Family speaks out after hit and run arrest


Fresno Police say they've now found the driver of a red lifted pick-up truck involved in a deadly hit and run. After weeks of waiting, the family members of the man killed in that hit and run say it now has some closure, thanks to the person who came forward to help police find and arrest the driver who did it.

The family of Jeffrey Castillo, held a vigil where Castillo was killed. Flowers, balloons and pictures are alongside the street where the accident happen. The items show how he was loved and will be missed by his family and friends. Johnny Castillo, Jeffery's older brother says he has been trying to hold it together and isn't ready to go back to where it all happened.

"I don't want to go near the scene, it just hurts too much because I know I will never see my brother alive, " said Johnny Castillo.

Fresno police say Castillo was hit by a pick-up truck while attempting to cross the street near Blackstone and Griffith on Sunday, August 27th. Castillo died from those injuries and the driver never stopped to help.

‘Why did you leave? That's a person no matter who it was." said Louisa Castillo, Jeffery's sister.

After receiving a tip police say they arrested Jonathan Allen, the driver of the pick-up. " I am glad they caught the guy who did it. I want to thank the person who told the police that he was the guy," said Johnny Castillo.

The Castillo family think the arrest was a step in the right direction however it says it's going to take a while for them to completely heal from this whole ordeal.

"Do I hate the guy? No, I don't hate him. I am just upset he made the wrong decision by leaving my brother on the road like that. I pity the guy because he's got to live with that for the rest of his life. Can I forgive him? At this time, I don't think I can. Hopefully one day I will.

The Castillo family is asking for your help to help ease the cost of funeral arrangements. Their goal is $10,000 and they're at the half way marker. He leaves behind a wife and ten children the youngest is 5 and the oldest is 21.

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