Family amazed with correctional officer Toamalama Scanlan's progress


The family of Fresno County correctional officer Toamalama Scanlan says it is amazed with his progress to date. Scanlan was one of two correctional officers shot in the lobby of the Fresno County jail last September.

For more than five months his family's focus was getting him out of intensive care. Now he's in Houston for intensive rehabilitation to essentially retrain his brain.

Newly released video on his Facebook page "Support for Toamalama Scanlan" shows him undergoing music therapy. He's now in his third week at the Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in Houston. His cousin-in-law Jazmine Scanlan calls his progress amazing. "They are forcing him to recognize the sound, recognize sight with the musician, changing positions from the front of him to the side of him. They're watching very closely if his eyesight aligns with that sound correctly."

Scanlan says with a brain injury the mission is to recreate pathways or more simply said, retrain the brain. She says he faces a rigorous rehab schedule daily. "You can see hour by hour every therapy session he has to attend they give him 30 to 45 minute breaks in between and he takes a different type of therapy." She says some sessions are in the gym while others simply require music.

Scanlan and fellow correctional officer Juanita Davila were shot in the lobby of the Fresno County jail last September. Davila was released from the hospital nearly two weeks later. 37 year old Thong Vang now faces two counts of attempted murder.