Dinuba man in London takes pictures of apartment fire

Sergio Alvarado was heading to the train station in London when he saw the building on fire.

It's past midnight just outside of London on Thursday. Sergio Alvarado has been back at his hotel for a few hours now.

The Dinuba man is on vacation in England.

Alvarado said that previous morning, he was getting ready to go to St. Pancras Rail Station. But as he was driving, he noticed something odd in the morning sky.

"It was just this big black cloud of smoke," Alvarado said. Then he saw the flames. An entire apartment building on fire. "Seeing it was just something else entirely, very sad," he said.

Alvarado said his first thought, hoping there were no loss of life.

Authorities there said 12 are confirmed dead and that number is likely to rise. They said at least 70 people are hurt.

"The day started out great I was going to Edinburgh, Scotland to take a tour of the city," Alvarado said. "It was hard to have a good time knowing that dozens of people lost their lives and I was just feet away from it," he said.

Alvarado said his cab driver had to take detours to the station because of the fire investigation. He said the detours were there when he returned more than 15 hours later.

Alvarado said he was already conscious of the fact he arrived three days after the London Bridge attack. In that incident, authorities said eight people were killed by terrorists. He said having this happen on top of that, has been really tough.

CNN reports the building that caught fire, was home to about 125 families and the building was built in the 1970's. It reports the building was going through a $10 million redevelopment.

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