Detective, neighbor save woman, dog attacked by stray pit bull in southeast Fresno

Her dog is at the vet for its fairly serious injuries. (Photo from Fresno County Sheriff's Office)

A close call for a Fresno woman and her four year old Cocker mix. Cara Emes says they were attacked by a pitbull on their morning walk in southeast Fresno. But a Fresno County Sheriff's deputy heard their cry for help and he responded.

It all started just before seven Wednesday morning. Emes says the pitbull came out of nowhere. "The pitbull got a hold of my dog by the throat and took him down to the ground. My dog is screaming. I was screaming for help for anybody. There weren't any neighbors around."

Detective Stricker was on his way to work. Her heard the scream and decided to check it out. "As I got out of my car the female came to the front yard of her residence and I could see there was a pitbull that looked like it was attacking her and a small dog that she was carrying." "I really had the thought like I'm watching my dog and it's gonna die in this moment and I couldn't stop it."

Before becoming a detective, Stricker worked with a police dog. "I reached out and grabbed the dog by the neck and started twisting and pulling. Initially the dog wouldn't come off. As I twisted more and applied a little more pressure the dog eventually let go. If I was unable to get the dog off of her, I would have been forced to shoot the dog."

Emes suffered a few puncture wounds from the pitbull. Her dog Gus had injuries to his throat, neck and face. He'll need surgery but the vet says Gus will be okay. "Thank you for being here. I don't know what I would have done. I'm glad I was here. Everything happens for a reason." Emes sends out praise to a neighbor who also came to her aid.

The pitbull will be held in quarantine at the Fresno SPCA for ten days. So far its' owner has not come forward. Emes says she's not sure what the future holds for her morning walks with her dog Gus.