Close call for Madera police officer

Video posted on the Madera Police Department's Facebook page, shows the dangers of drinking and driving. (City of Madera Police Department)

MADERA, Calif. (FOX26)- The Madera Police Department posted a video to its Facebook page to show the dangers of drinking and driving.

It shows a Madera police officer almost getting run over while trying to confront an accused drunk driver on April 13 around 6 p.m..

It happened near Almond and Gateway Avenue in Madera.

Police say what you don't see in the video is George Bostick Jr. speeding away from the officer after almost running him over.

After a short police chase Bostick Jr. pulled over and the officer was able to arrest the him.

Luckily, the officer wasn't hurt and is going to fine.

As for Bostick Jr., he is now facing several charges including driving under the influence.