Chief Dyer holds news conference on Tuesday's shootings

Chief Dyer holds news conference on Tuesday's shootings

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to provide details about Tuesday's shootings and the arrest of Kori Ali Muhammad.

He began by talking a little about the victims.

  • Victim number one was 25-year-old Carl Williams, a supervisor at Monument Security and also a supervisor at Toys R Us. Williams was shot multiple times at close range at Motel 6 on Blackstone and Ashlan in Fresno on Thursday, April 13th.
  • Victim number two was Mark Gassett, who was shot in front of 215 N. Fulton Ave. on Tuesday.
  • Victim number three was Zackary Randalls, a PG&E employee that was doing a ride-along with a PG&E field worker. Zackary was required to do the ride-along, even though he worked for the call center.
  • The last victim was 58-year-old David Jackson, who was shot in the parking lot of Catholic Charities.

Chief Dyer offered his condolences to the families of the victims and said he would be praying for them.

There are a number of planned vigils and church services occurring this weekend.

Chief Dyer said victim advocates have been working closely with the families.

The Chief also said he spoke with Congressman Jim Costa Wednesday morning making sure there are adequate resources are provided to the families, and ensuring 100% of the burial costs are covered through federal funding. Congressman Costa told Chief Dyer it was being taken care of.

Dyer said Muhammad admitted to all of the shootings and even took the detectives to the locations, walking them through what happened step by step.

Chief Dyer said Muhammad says he is Muslim but prays to seven different gods and practices voodoo rituals.

Muhammad cut off his braids and hid out until Tuesday morning, when he walked to the Tower District to buy some crystals as part of a voodoo ritual. The store was not open so he went to a Starbucks where he was able to use the wifi to see news updates listing him as a suspect in the murder of the security guard at Motel 6 in Fresno.

Muhammad told detectives Tuesday night that once he saw he was wanted for murder, he was not going to go down for shooting a security guard for disrespecting him, but that he was going to kill as many white males as possible.

Chief Dyer said Muhammad told detectives he did not like white men and that white people are responsible for keeping the black people down.

He said "the originals," referring to non-white Hispanics and African-Americans, needed to have their own land with their own laws.

Chief Dyer went step by step, showing where each shot was fired using an overhead map of the neighborhood.

Chief Dyer said after Muhammad ran out of bullets, he was walking south on Fulton Ave. with the gun wrapped in an article of clothing and set it down in the area of Fulton St. and Voorman Ave. At that point, a Hispanic male carrying a box of food walked over, set the box down, picked up the gun and ran off.

Chief Dyer said much of this was captured on surveillance video and they retrieved the box of food the man was carrying as evidence.

Chief Dyer called for the Hispanic man to turn himself in immediately.