Bobcat sightings in the foothills

(Martyn Green) Bobcats spotted in the Yosemite Lakes Park area.

For the last few weeks Martyn Green has been searching, and searching, for bobcats in the Yosemite Lakes Park area. He's had a lot of luck.

Green says just a few days ago, he saw six bobcats, in just two and a half hours.

"And of course you're not always successful. Many nights I come out here and find nothing at all, and that is always disappointing. But there is always that one chance of coming out that next time, you will find another one, and it keeps you coming back for more and more," says Green.

He says he will spend up to four hours looking for that one perfect shot.

Martyn's wildlife photography career started in the Greek Islands, when he captured an underwater shot of a turtle, that would come to be named Adonis.

Green says Adonis had a hook in his neck, he removed the hook, and the rest was history.

"And we were swimming three years, three summers nearly every day of the summer," says Green.

But now, he's spending his days looking for bobcats in areas rich with shrubs, rocks, and prey for the animals.

"My photography started off as a hobby, and then it grew into a passion. And now it has become more of an obsession."

Martyn says he will continue to look for bobcats, but he is also going to start looking for mountain lions in the Central Valley.