NFL future Hall-of-famer moves up in the record books :P

Brady passes Manning

What can you say about this next living legend in the NFL?

I mean, this guy has been in the league a long time, spending the entirety of his career with the same team.

He’s the face of the franchise.

He's a future Hall-of-famer.

With Peyton Manning retired, he’s probably the only player in the NFL that everyone looks to now as the best at what he does in his position.

You can now definitely call him one of the greats, if not the greatest, after moving up the rankings in the record books.

Larry Fitzgerald.

He is now third all-time on the list for career receptions.

This is some elite company he has.

Former 49er Jerry Rice is on top at 1,549 catches for his career.

Former Atlanta Falcon and Kansas City Chief Tony Gonzalez in second at 1,325.

Then, it’s Cardinals wideout Fitzgerald at 1,104.

Right behind him is the man Peyton Manning threw to all those years with the Colts, Marvin Harrison.

He has1,102 receptions.

By the way, Tom Brady won his 201st game as starting QB for the Pats.

That's more games than any other quarterback in NFL history.