7 Raiders, 0 Niners make Pro Bowl. Cowboys hire Sting!

Dallas Cowboys hire a new Intimidation Coach!

The NFL Pro Bowl roster for the game in January has been announced and the Raiders have seven guys, including Derek Carr.

The Cowboys have six, including rookies Prescott and Elliott.

Even the Chargers, Rams and winless Browns have somebody on the roster.

But the San Francisco 49ers - ZERO!

Speaking of the Cowboys, they have a new intimidation coach. Yeah... that's a thing now.

Jerry Jones hired WCW icon - Sting!

You would think at 12-2 they would be intimidating enough, but I guess not.

In a recent interview, golf pro John Daly said he once threw $55,000 off a bridge during an argument with his then wife about his gambling. They're divorced now.

Bill Murray and his brothers are opening a Caddyshack-themed bar in Chicago.

The bar is in the planning stages and no name has been announced, but Murray's character name in Caddyshack was Carl Spackler, so "Spackler's" seems appropriate.