Blood supply low in the Central Valley

January is National Blood Donor Month and your help is desperately needed to replenish the Valley's blood supply.

Jim De La Vega spent the morning at the Central California Blood Center, Jenny Eller Donor Center in Northwest Fresno to find out more about the process.

Anyone 18 or over can donate as long as they are in good health and have not given in at least 8 weeks. Donors can be as young as 16-years-old with parental consent.

Central Valley Blood Center CEO Dean Eller said each pint can't be used to help save up to 3 lives because they break it up into components, separating the red cells and the platelets and the plasma.

After you give blood, you get to visit the donor canteen area, stocked with all kinds of yummy snacks and drinks.

There are three donor centers in Fresno and one in Visalia, plus mobile donor drives all over the Valley. Click here to find one near you.

Click here to visit the Central Valley Blood Center website or call (559) 389-5433 in Fresno or (559) 302-1300 in Visalia.

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